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Benidorm is a town on the Spanish Costa Blanca, which is consideredto be the most high-rise, as the most of the skyscrapers of the entire state are concentrated here. They often call this city Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro, or Las Vegas, but it has its own Spanish motifs. It is all thanks to a large number of high-rise buildings, excellent clubs and restaurants and superb sandy beaches.

Property in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the best cities to purchase property in Spain, since it is consideredto be an international one. It is friendly to visitors and offers great possibilities for accommodation and employment.

Buying property in Benidorm means to receive an excellent opportunity to live in one of the best resort towns of the Costa Blanca, which surrounded by picturesque mountains. They hide the city from the cold winds of the north, that is why the temperature is not usually lower than 15 degrees Celsius, and the climate is very mild and pleasant.

You will find a very large selection of property in Benidorm (as well as in the rest of the region), so anyone will find an option to his or her liking. Of course, since the city consists almost only of the skyscrapers, here it is the best option to look for apartment housing. The average cost per square meter in Benidorm is about € 2000. The proximity to the beach makes prices slightly higher, especially in the new district named Rinkos de Loix area where a large number of British lives.

Why Benidormis regarded as a good city to live? There are several reasons for this:

1. It has one of the best beaches in the whole Europe, which is always fitted, landscaped and cleaned;

2. You will never get bored here as there are lots of entertainment possibilities, such as extreme sports, Safari, amusement parks, water parks, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.;

3. If you get tired of the noise, then go to the mountains, and you will find there a lot of protected sites attracting both tourists and local people. The peace and beauty of the place will amaze you;

4. Here you can definitely find your dream home since they have a good deal of proposals. They include well-maintained facilities, clean areas in and have excellent location.

As well as in other places, all types of properties in the beach line are much more expensive. So if, say, in the Levant, you can find an apartment for 60 000 - 80 000 €, on the coast it will going to be for 180 000 - 200 000 €, though they have the same size. On the other hand, living in a cheaper house in a remote distance from the sea you will spend to travel about 10 minutes, while living on the front line it is going to take you 1-2 minutes to get to the beach. Is it worth paying twice as much money for such a small difference? You should decide it for yourself.

Rely on the experience of the Real Estate agency in Denia, and we will find you property for sale in Costa Blanca on the best conditions.

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