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Real estate agency in Spain OSAN REALTY
Property in Spain

Flats in Spain for sale

If your dream is to buy a flat in Spain, you are welcome to contact «OSAN REALTY». Our company offers a great variety of objects to choose from, and our specialists will help you make the right decision and close real estate deal in the shortest time possible.

Flats in Spain for saleWhat makes Spain so popular today? It is one of the most developed countries, where you can spend a wonderful vacation as well as purchase a property at an attractive price. Moreover, this country is notable for its healthy environment, soft and warm climate, beautiful nature, and thoroughly developed infrastructure.

Many of our compatriots choose Costa Blanca area to buy a flat in Spain, as, aside from the perfect conditions for comfortable living, this country has everything necessary for a good life. It should be mentioned that Costa Blanca boasts of the best beaches in the country, and many of them are marked with a blue flag by FEE, which is awarded only for exceptional cleanliness and a high level of service.

In case you have not made your mind about the region yet, one visit to this fantastic coast (Costa Blanca) in Spain will captivate you with its beauty and a high standard of living.

If you buy a flat in Spain, then in addition to a personal space for vacation once a year, you will also get a great opportunity to make money from renting out your property while you are not in the country. However, you don't need to worry that this kind of purchase will cost you an enormous amount of money, as due to the world economic situation a massive drop in property prices occurred. Nevertheless, prices are gradually beginning to rise, and this may work for your benefit, if you decide to sell a flat in Spain, which you have bought earlier.

There are several options when it comes to buying a flat in Spain:

  1. Cash – the fastest and the easiest way to buy a flat, involving very little nuances.
  2. A loan from a Spanish bank (a mortgage loan) – a convenient option for those who are short of their own funds. Banks of Spain willingly make deals provided all of their conditions are met; moreover, the interest rates here are low.
  3. A loan from any other financial organization, apart from banks – a risky move, as a lower chance of actually getting a loan is accompanied by high interest rates.

Of course, if you solicit the support of an experienced and competent partner, like «OSAN REALTY», you may confidently consider any of these options and your deal will be closed promptly and without any problems.


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