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Buy a flat in Calpe

Today Spain is considered to be one of the best European countries for tourism, recreation and living. If you want to acquire real estate in this country near the Mediterranean Sea, a flat in Calpe is the best option for you; it might even become your permanent place of residence or a source of income.

Buy a flat in CalpeCalpe is one of the best resorts of Costa Blanca. It has a mild climate, beautiful nature and landscape, and a rich historical heritage. Besides, those who buy flats in Calpe can count on a warm welcome from local people, since Spaniards are cheerful, sincere and hospitable people that look at the world around them in a positive way. Citizens here are very quiet people that may become decent neighbors and friends to you. It should also be mentioned that there are a lot of foreigners living in Calpe, who came here from other European countries in pursuit of home and harmony.

If you look into the history, you will learn that in the old days residents of Calpe were actively involved in viticulture, fishing and salt production. Today it is an area of active tourism and recreation with minimal human impact on the atmosphere.

If you buy such property as flats in Calpe and choose Spain as your permanent place of residence, don't you worry – this town is a quiet, cozy and peaceful place. Local shops can always offer you a wide range of products; markets here are full of seafood, fruits and vegetables all year round. You can take an interesting sightseeing tour through the history, modern architecture and natural landmarks of the town and its suburbs.

Crime rate in Calpe is rather low (especially, if you compare it to statistics of the whole country), as it is a provincial and unattractive for serious criminal activity town, and most of the residential buildings here qualify as tourism real estate. Another noteworthy fact is that there are no large factories and other industrial or port facilities here and therefore practically no low-skilled workers or poor people who could involve in crimes for the reason of dissatisfaction.

Since Calpe is one of the favorite European recreational spots, by becoming an owner of a flat in Calpe, you automatically become a successful businessperson: if you are not planning on living in Spain full-time, renting out you apartment will considerably increase your income.

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