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Villas in Spain

вилла в Испании

If you are looking for a property in Spain for sale, the Real Estate agency in Denia OSAN REALTY is ready to select for you the perfect option to suit your requirements and preferences.Of course, it will take into account the financialpossibilities of the client.

The reasons for the popularity

Real estate in Spain, especially located in the towns of the Mediterranean coast, has long been available for thecitizens of our state for a long time. Therefore, many of our fellow citizens are eager to become homeowners in the warm European country. They often look for their chances to buying villas of different classes.

Villas in Spain in the Mediterranean region are the most prestigious options of having residential real estate in the country. What are they good for? Firstly, they are in isolation from other ones and included in a closed urbanization with security. Second, buying a villa in Spain is not only a great opportunity to relax at the sea at any time convenient for youbut also the opportunity not to pay additional money for accommodation. Besides, it isa profitable investment of your savings since the cost of such facilities is increasing annually.

Spanish villas along the coast are designed for customers with various preferences. Among options, there are quite economical oneswith a small number of bedrooms. You can have one or two bathrooms, a kitchen and not too big garden area. This property will cost from €250, 000 to about €500 000. For those, who can afford to live in luxury and large residential areas, it is good to pay attention to the villas in Spain for higher prices. For example, you can get an area of 1 000 square meters, a residential building with 5-7 bedrooms, several living rooms, bathrooms, a swimming pool in the backyard and other conveniences. This acquisition will cost you from 500, 000 to 1 million euros.

There is also a luxury housing with exclusive design solutions. This option will cost you more than € 1 million, but it is worth spending such a sum. You will get a unique interior design, decoration of marble, fine wood, precious metals, large garage for several cars, a huge swimming pool, its own gym, sauna and many other things. Some of villas owners can boast that they even have the hall for banquets and social events. The distinguishing feature of exclusive villas is an excellent view from the window towards the sea or the beautiful surroundings.

Whichever option you choose, you should be aware that in Spain, these three criteria influencethe cost of housing:

1. The closeness of the location to the shoreline;

2. The area of the property (the most affordable combination of price and conveniences is considered to be a villa of 100 square meters with a small patio or even without it);

3. The interior design and equipment of the house.


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