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Buying an apartment in Javea

The small resort town called Javea is situated in the northern part of the Costa Blanca, in 10 kilometers from the larger Denia. It is widely regarded as the best place on the coast for a quiet, simple getaway or stay with family. We should note that you will definitely enjoy the beauty of beaches, air filled with healing power, beautiful nature and surroundings, as well as lots of greenery.Javeahas received the informal name "the dawn of Spain", which is primarily due to the location of the village. It is the easternmost point of the country, Cape La Nao. That is why the residents of this city enjoy the dawn a little bit earlier when other Spaniards.

The OSAN REALTY Company will help you to choose a suitable option, as well as prepare all the necessary documents for buying property in Costa Blanca.

Apartment in Javea

Javea is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities, and in addition it has the cleanest air and best beaches on the coast. A distinctive feature of the city is the fact that it is prohibited to build high-rise buildings.

Officially,the town is divided into three parts. They are Villa, El Arenal and El Puerto. The historic part of the place is perfectly preserved and appreciated by the locals who make great efforts for maintaining the buildings in good condition. They managed to preserve the Town Hall, the Archaeological Museum, the chapel, the market and other historical buildings.

Buying residential property, especially an object such as an apartment in Javea is affordable practically for everyone due to the availability of modern prices and a wide variety of options. It is perfect for people who love relaxing holidays, reunion with nature, as well as those who enjoy outdoor activities and cannot sit in one place without thrilling adventures. If you are ready to buy an apartment in Javea, as well as a house, villa, townhouse or any other type of real estate, you will be able to relax by the Mediterranean coast or to move to another country for permanent residenceat any time.

It should be noted that the prices of apartments in Javea are stable, which guarantees you a very profitable investment of your savings. If you want to engage in tourism business and have an apartment rental in Javea in your absence, the income will be guaranteed. Moreover, it will be a considerable one.


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